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carps_larp's Journal

C.A.R.P.S. - Ironguard Campaign
Lake Orion
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Live Action Roleplaying

Create your character, grab a sword, and head out into the forest for epic adventure. Resolve conflicts with padded weapons, not dice. Go on quests, find buried treasure, be a hero (or a villian), save the day, or rule the night.

Live it! Do it! Be it! Grab a map and enter the ancient fantasy world of Phantara. Thousands of years of history have given birth to many nations and races, all waiting for you to discover their secrets. You begin in a war-torn land in the shadow of evil- where you end up is up to you.

We offer:

*Medieval high-fantasy setting

*Playable races include humans, elves, orcs, dwarves, and many more, including unique races!

*No set classes to determine what you play: choose the skills of warriors, alchemists, mages, and many more, in any combination you choose.

*Fully developed Alchemy, Magic, Political, and Combat systems

*Free rulebook with stable ruleset.

*We provide the basics you need to play, you provide the imagination!

*First event is FREE!

Now entering our 12th straight year! Check out our website for dates, prices, and other info: http://www.carpsgame.com or email gm@carpsgame.com